Learning To Acknowledge Yourself | Words From Kate


I have been thinking a lot about patting myself on the back. I am realizing that I grew up in a time when being proud of your accomplishments, or even sharing what you were good at was seen as a form of bragging. Since pride is listed as one of the seven deadly sins, I learned to never recognize or rejoice in myself and my gifts. Living, learning, and growing were always about “constructive” criticism and how I could do better. The funny thing is that many of the habits and patterns I was concentrating on changing never changed. It was not until I started acknowledging myself and my gifts that my old habits and patterns started to change. Furthermore, even though I still revert back to my old ways now and then, I now know that the fastest and easiest way to shift myself or a situation is by being kind, supportive, and proud of myself and others.

Today, be sure to take sometime to give yourself the credit, love, and support that you'd give to someone you admire! Rejoice in you and your gifts!

With love,


Deborah Colley