October 2018


October | words from Kate

I love this time of year. I love the chiller nights, the need for my favorite sweater, the warm comforting drinks. I love watching the trees as they burst forth with changing colors each day. I love how I start to turn inward. Fall is a time of reflection. As I watch the leaves completing their cycle and returning to the earth, I gently ask myself “What is ready to drop away within me?” “Where am I holding on instead of letting go?” “What is ready for my compost pile?” Knowing that in the letting go, I make room for transformation. I make room for something new to sprout forth. I am often surprised what answers arise when I ask these questions. Some things are easy to let go of, others a little more difficult and some I am still working on from past years. I encourage you to ask these questions to yourself. Be gentle, patient and kind. Knowing that you are on a journey one season at a time.

I wish you a happy letting go.

In Joy,




Kate's Kitchen | Warm Coconut-Pumpkin Yumminess


½ can full fat coconut milk

1.5 cup milk of choice (I like Vanilla unsweetened Almond)

3/4 cup of pumpkin puree

2 tablespoons sweetener of choice (I like maple syrup in this one)

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

Dash of cayenne pepper

*makes 2 servings



Combine ingredient in a sauce pan and warm, do not let boil. Once warm, put all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth and creamy


Mindful Moment | featured activity

Sometimes the best way to let go of something is by bringing in something new. Write yourself supportive and encouraging phrases on sticky notes and leave them around your house. Each time you see one take a deep breath read the phrase aloud to yourself, own the message and continue with your day.

Whole Being, Well Being Retreats | living in flow

Relax. Receive. Release.

A Whole Being- Well Being retreat is an amazing way to help you relax and let go. It is a place to help you reconnect with the amazing-ness of you. When you participate in a Whole Being-Well Being retreat you receive daily massages, daily inner journeying exercises, daily guided visualizations, and daily movement classes. In addition to the above fantastic services, you also receive daily sessions on the BioMat ,the IMRS 2000, and the Chi machine. Throughout a WB2 retreat, you get to enjoy amazing organic meals and snacks prepared by our wonderful chef.

Whole Being- Well Being retreats are limited to 5 participants which allows us to accommodate most dietary restrictions and desires. Come join us for great conversations, connection to self, local activities, and above all lots of fun.

For more information, contact Kate Carei-Eakins directly atkate@illuminatingwellness.net or call 970.379.3523

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Winter Retreat | Jan 31 - Feb 1

Basalt, CO

$1,900 for a private room

$1,500 for a shared room

*payment plans are available

Spring Retreat | Apr 30 - May 5

Isla Holbox, MX

$3300 private room

$2800 shared room

*payment plans available


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