March 2019

March Wellness | words from Kate

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A few years ago, I started to notice that when Spring sprung, my desire for green leafy vegetables increased considerably. In chatting others, I discovered I was not alone!

Green is the color of spring. The time of renewal and refreshment. Thus, these delicious and delectable foods are nature's way of enticing us to do some serious spring cleaning of our bodies. Leafy greens and other veggies help us to clean out and detox all the sluggishness and sludge that has built up inside of us over the winter months from eating comforting but denser foods. Have you ever noticed how deer are the first animal to be out feeding on the first shoots of green grass. This is their way of cleaning out their systems too. In Chinese medicine, green and springtime is associated with the liver, one of our main detox organs which is also associated with emotional stability and creativity.

Like spring, greens provide energy and vitality helping us to lighten the load as we move into the lighter and brighter seasons.

I invite you to embrace all that’s green, including incorporating it into your weekly meals, to see how this season can bring new energy into your daily life.



Kate's Kitchen | Spring Greens Heart Chakra Smoothie

If you missed it on Facebook or Instagram this week, here it is again! This Green Smoothie includes a hefty dose of Dandelion greens, which can sometimes be found in health food stores, Farm to Market stores and my favorite place- the unsprayed yard. Yes, when they are in season I walk outside and pick a handful. The nutritional profile of these greens includes high levels of vitamin K, A, B and C as well as calcium, iron, manganese and dietary fiber. But more importantly Dandelion greens can help regulate blood pressure, lowering inflammation and assist with detoxifying the body, preventing certain cancers, regulating diabetic symptoms and digestion, and strengthening bones... to name a few benefits!

I am calling this a Heart Chakra Smoothie partly due to the intensely green color which is associated with this energy center, but also because of the transformative energy that is coming directly from fresh new greens! Transformation is one of the principles of our heart center and Spring is certainly an apt time to transform our intentions, plans and reflections that we made over the winter and spring them into action!


2 cups mixture of dandelion greens & baby power greens

2 stalks of celery

1 1/2 cup fresh, cubed pineapple

1/2 cup cilantro

1/2 avocado

1 TBSP lemon juice

coconut water

coconut milk (or milk of choice)


  • Combine all vegetables, greens, and fruit in blender until smooth (for about 1 -2 minutes). Then add coconut water and milk until the desired consistency is reached. In-joy!

  • Mindful Moment | meditation activation!

  • Take 5-10 minutes and lie in the sun.

  • Doing nothing, reading nothing, not even looking on the phone or computer, lie with your body relaxed and heart opened, letting the sun and it’s warmth, energy and it’s glow wash over you. 

  • That's it!


RETREAT, Renew, Refresh | The Three R's Of Transformation

Whole Being, Wellbeing Retreat

Isla Holbox, Mexico, May 14-19

Clearing Out & Allowing New: Kate’s retreats are nourishment for body and soul. The innate gifts she has and her thoughtful programming help clear out all that does not serve on every level - physically, emotionally, energetically - allowing so much new energy, inspiration and potential. Saying yes isn’t just a gift to your whole being, but a valuable long term investment in your relationship with yourself and all those you love!
— retreat participant

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