Beauty Hunting | Words From Kate

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Beauty Hunting . This is a term I heard recently. I love it. What is beauty hunting you ask? It is noticing things of beauty great and small in your life. When you decide to be a hunter of beauty you get to appreciate the grass in the crack of the sidewalk, the joy your feet give you by carrying your from place to place, the abstract art that clouds present, the sound of the coffee machine percolating, the taste explosion when you bite into a fresh peach, the shiny chrome on a motorcycle, a song that makes you smile or the smile on a strangers face. There are bits of beauty all around us everyday, and the more we look for beauty, the more beauty we see . I find it especially helpful to be on a beauty hunt when I am having a challenging day. It takes me out of my head and lifts my spirits.

I encourage you right now to take a moment, look around and find five things of beauty.

Happy Hunting!


Deborah Colley