Learning To Love With Rose Quartz | Gemstone Wisdom


Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome may have been some of the first to attach the symbol of love to Rose Quartz. Cupid gave humans the gift of love in the form this gemstone and it is said that its color is the stain of Aphrodite's spilt blood mixed with that of her slain lover's. But the wisdom of Rose Quartz goes beyond romantic love! It helps soothe negative emotions and brings forward kindness and compassion towards ourselves, family and friends and other living beings. Ultimately it supports the opening of the heart, which we all need a little bit more of in our busy daily lives!

For those of us who are seeking beauty, delight and the ability to just recognize lovely moments, keep Rose Quartz nearby. Wear it, carry it in your pocket, sleep with it on your bed side table. I love the idea of placing it in the bottom of my water bottle during the day (a reminder to give gratitude during every hydrating sip!) or to give yourself a good scrub down with it in the shower. If you are into new beauty trends, Rose Quartz Facial Rollers are all the rage right now! If anything, I hope this crystal's beautiful and soft color will inspire just a touch more gentleness and delight into your life.

Deborah Colley