Sodalite For Self Knowledge | Gemstone Wisdom

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September is a month of many shifts and changes, some are subtle and some are abrupt. All of this provides many opportunities make small positive shifts in our own lives that we just couldn't do over the summer. However, the dynamic energy of September can also distract us from our self knowledge and intuition! Keep sodalite close this September! The Energy Muse says that with the help of Sodalite you can "Know yourself and be empowered. Accept yourself and be invincible."

Activity: With Sodalite nearby, take time over the next few days and write down 3 ways in which you saw you making a decision for yourself based on your sense of "heck yes" rather than an exterior obligation or expectation. These can be small or big. By noticing and acknowledging our these decisions the more we can make a positive and permanent shift into being on our own side. Go team you!

Deborah Colley