Kate Goes On Retreat | Words From Kate

I am so excited! While you are reading this I am on the Salmon River in Idaho on a rafting retreat with my friend Aimee's business, Downriver Divas. It has been interesting to notice the slight bit of guilt that crept into my psyche when I first considered signing up for this retreat. I felt hesitation, not because I did not want to come or because I felt unworthy spending the time and money on a retreat for myself. After thinking about this I realized that while I practice great self care (i.e. I exercise most days, I eat well, I take time for "me" almost everyday, etc.), I never take time away from my family to do something for myself, especially something that is out of the ordinary or indulgent. Now that I have clarified this for myself, I am so excited as I know that this simple act of participating in this retreat will strengthen my sense of self acceptance . Furthermore, this honoring of myself will help me to integrate my sense of self acceptance and self care more deeply, positively effecting all aspects of my life, my family's life, and those that I get to work with and interact with daily. For this I am so grateful.

With Gratitude,


Deborah Colley