The "Heck Yes" in Balance | New Moon Activity


If you haven’t already spent some time this week considering balance in your life, spend some time this Saturday, We are just a few days on the other side of the Fall Equinox, which means that we are officially shifting away from the outward masculine energy of summer and toward the internal feminine energy of winter. For some of us this means shedding some external responsibilities to focus inward, maybe on health or a relationship. For others this might be focusing on a personal goal that you had forgotten in the midst of summer action. When you are setting your New Moon intentions this Saturday, consider where you need to shift your attention in your life to create more equilibrium.

Activity: take some time to write out your top 5 to 7 priorities for the next month. Think about how each of these make you feel? If one of them brings out that feeling of "heck yes!" or "I can't wait!" move it to the top of your list of priorities. See how the rest of your life falls into place (with balance!) around the actions that bring fulfillment to your life after the course of the next month.

Deborah Colley