Simple Shifts | Words From Kate


I am very excited to share with y’all the details of the next Illuminating Wellness retreat (see below)! I am excited because being a recent retreat participant with Down River Diva's reminded me of how amazing it is to retreat . Not only is it fun to discover new places and meet new people, it is wonderful to have stepped out and then back into my life.

One of the things I discovered while I was gone was the amount of stress and intensity I was unconsciously carrying around. I knew that I sometimes got frustrated at my family for little things and that I was not always present in conversations and experiences. But I just did not know how much until I took that "time out" from my life and then returned. My daughter said to me the other day, “Mama how come you have been massaging me at night lately? In the past, you always seemed too tired." Honestly, her question saddened me. Here I was, someone who loves to massage and give to others, yet I was too tired and too overwhelmed to give to my own daughter.

Since coming back from the river, I have found, overall, that I am less stressed, I have more energy, I am more balanced in all parts of my life, I am more connected to family, friends and my work. It has been really awesome to experience these benefits and small but powerful shifts for myself! And the truth is, it did not take a lot of work or rearranging of my schedule. It only took getting away and disconnecting.

I hope you give yourself the permission to take a "time out" from your life for retreat and experience all these simple but profound shifts they bring to your life!

With Gratitude,


Deborah Colley