Kate’s retreats are nourishment for body and soul. The innate gifts she has and her thoughtful programming help clear out all that does not serve on every level - physically, emotionally, energetically - allowing so much new energy, inspiration and potential. Saying yes isn’t just a gift to your whole being, but a valuable longterm investment in your relationship with yourself and all those you love!
— Julie

Kate is a true healer with many talents.

We have benefited from Kate’s services for over fourteen years and have advanced from having periodic massages to working with Kate on a regular basis for massage and much more. Kate has progressed to become a holistic healer with a wonderful intuitive sense of how to help us with our own healing both physical, mentally and emotionally.

If you are new to massage you will find a caring and sensitive human being who listens to your needs and then provides an experience that will meet your expectations.
— Bob & Bee, Massage Clients

Kate is a Master in the Art of Healing!

She presents you with a bouquet of the highest techniques. My relationships with friends, family, work, and with myself have been noticeably healed, transformed and improved even after one session, but I love going back for more.

I am so grateful for Kate’s dedication to the Illuminating Well Being of her clients and humanity.
— Elizabeth Gauger, Musical Connections

We are fortunate in our community to have the opportunity to work with many wonderful massage therapists, body workers and other gifted professionals in the healing arts. I consider myself most fortunate to have met, and been able to work with Kate.

Kate is one of the gifted professionals who always brings her full self to her work and shares it freely and openly. Somehow, she always manages to help me rearrange all parts of my body, mind, heart and soul in our session!

In addition to being effective as a skilled body worker, her insight, wisdom and caring support of my ‘spirit’ helps me to feel more whole and healthy. She does help me ‘illuminate wellness’!
— Patrick Curry, Bodywork client

My previous experiences with Kate (massage, Quantum Emotional Clearing) created a foundation of trust in the knowledge, compassion and acceptance that she integrates into all that she offers.

The Health and Wellness workshop provides an expansive, holistic, encompassing approach to changing habits and thoughts and assimilating positive aspects into my life.

I now have daily tools to work with, and I am developing a strong “muscle” of positive thought patterns, awareness of my body’s needs and peace of mind about my choices in health and well being. My classmates I and are so impressed with the class that we petitioned to continue to meet on a monthly basis.
— Valerie Welch, Health & Wellness Client